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Gay guys are encouraged to explore some of the best gay dating sites to either find your dream partner, a permanent relationship or even a one night hook-up.

All of the best gay dating sites bring many guys to a virtual place where men can get to know each other in a safe and a unique way. The technology of online dating has paved the way for new relationships between like-minded guys – be it love at first sight, love at first chat, for short-term dating or even a brief sexual hook-up or encounter. Most gay dating sites have options for premium services, such as increased space for photos and video depending on how serious you are about finding that special someone.

Most of the best gay dating sites also consider the individual tastes and preferences of their members that might vary from guy to guy, and their vast databank of members is searchable in a systematic and logical way to help men locate the right partner for the right purpose at the right location you’re looking in.

Looking for love is something that makes us all feel completely alive, heightens our senses, magnifies our emotions and leaves us feeling good about ourselves with a positive self-esteem. Most of us have experienced the coming out process and the difficulty in finding a man to date in a straight world. You know that somewhere in this world exists your perfect soul mate but finding that person can be extremely difficult not knowing who may or may not be gay and available.

Gay dating sites may help speed up your search for the ideal partner as everyone listed on the sites are all looking for the same thing – a date with another confirmed gay man!.  Gay dating sites are committed to offer you fast and efficient dating prospects for every type of personality, looks, interests and age groups.

Take your time to browse through the many different Best Gay Dating site options below and find the one that’s right for you, then register yourself as a member to cruise your way through the many guys looking to meet you online….and do not be surprised if you soon find your perfect partner!


Best Gay Dating:  Marketing Yourself   For Successbest gay dating couple21 300x200 Best Gay Dating

Have you ever considered what image you project to other guys? How’s your personal attitude about your life overall, being proudly out as gay or about dating other men? Do you present yourself with glowing confidence or obvious insecurity? It’s important to recognize these traits before looking for a date with another guy. More times than not, you’ll tend to attract the type of guy that’s attracted to the signals and energy you’re sending back out to them. So, if you’re in a rut by always meeting the wrong type of guys, or perhaps the same type, try changing your attitude for a more positive and confident portrayal of yourself. If you don’t normally smile, try giving guys a quick grin during a conversation. If you portray an attitude of arrogance, try loosening up a bit. A little self-reflection and image adjustment in gay dating can go a long way to market yourself for more successful dating experiences.

best gay dating couple 3 300x200 Best Gay DatingHow can you find Mr. Right if you can’t visualize what he looks like? Make a list of the quality traits you like in a guy. This gay dating tip may sound like a worthless waste of time, but a few minutes writing down what’s important to you can help you focus on finding the right man for you as you cruise the many profiles of an online dating site or look for a guy at a bar or party. A while back, I wrote down the hair color, height & weight, build, hobbies or sports and a few other desirable traits of my ideal date and it’s amazing how many guys I meet that fall within my “list” as my preferred type.  However, in gay dating you shouldn’t stop there – life isn’t all about preferred physical qualities. What type of personality traits or mental demeanor would you like him to have? How about his family life? In gay dating, it’s always beneficial keep your options open, as even though you may not ultimately end up being boyfriends, but rather you can become close friends and hang out together for fun times or to meet some of his friends that may end up being databale . Sometimes the universe has a way of pleasantly surprising us!

best gay dating couple 4 206x300 Best Gay DatingYou won’t likely find an eligible gay man to date in a straight bar, would you? Of course not! So with gay dating, why do many gay men look for specific types of guys in all the wrong places? If you’re looking for a certain type of guy, go where those types of guys go or hang out. People tend to hang out with others with similar backgrounds or interests. Suppose you’re looking for a guy that has an interest in music or theater; then why not join a local music theater group or hang out at local venues frequented by theater lovers. Perhaps your dream partner is a buffed body builder or gym rat, then spend more time at the gym, because that’s most likely where he’ll be hanging out during most of his spare time.

Do you tend to be the life of the party or do you like to sit in the background or on the sidelines? Most gay men wait for their perfect partner to come and swoop them up from their bar stool. Perhaps you sneak a few glances, make some eye contact and maybe even flirt a bit, but do you ever make a move to actually approach the guy you’re interested in? Who doesn’t want a hot guy who makes the first move to come up and talk to them? Unfortunately, this attitude has created an imbalance in the gay dating scene whereby everyone is waiting to be approached. Many times in gay dating, there’s no one doing the approaching and many guys end up going home alone or never getting that crutial phone number. It’s pretty common to go to a gay party and see many guys standing around in their own corners like at a high school dance. Instead, practice getting out of your comfort zone by approaching new guys to meet or possibly date. Find a guy you find attractive and try starting up a conversation. To many gay men, the thought of doing this is terrifying, but with practice it will become more comfortable and you’ll find the number of guys willing to go on a date increase with the obvious confidence you project.

best gay dating couple 5 300x199 Best Gay DatingOnce you are ready to approach a guy, what are you going to say to him? In my experience, two strategies work best, first by breaking the ice and then by finding something in common to talk about. With gay dating, breaking the ice can be easier than you may think. Find something interesting or unique about him, perhaps a piece of clothing, a watch or some jewelry or his hair style, and then comment on it with a kind compliment. Try a humorous comments. Rather than saying, “I like your hair cut”,  try phrasing it creatively in a way that will make him smile or want to continue a conversation with you. Another comment might be, “You know, my stylist said only certain guys can pull off that style. You’re obviously one of them…” Hey, it may sound corny, but it starts up a conversation and hopefully, a grin. If you get stuck with something to compliment him with, then offer to buy him a drink. This buys you some time to think about something else to talk about and gives you an opportunity to enjoy a drink together.

best gay dating couple 6 300x200 Best Gay DatingOnce you’ve broken the ice with a compliment to start up a conversation, find something you guys have in common and go with it. If nothing is apparent, ask him if he is interested in a few of the the things that you’re interested in and explore from there. With some practice in approaching guys, you’ll quickly gather the confidence you’ll need for success in any gay dating situation.

Always be open and honest with your new friend, but don’t share too much personal information too soon. Connecting emotionally with another guy you are attracted to can be an overwhelming experience in its beginning stages. Be sure to take your time getting to know each another and let the details of your personal  life and your emotions unfold naturally. Your first date is most likely not the appropriate time to talk about work drama or emotional issues with your family. Spend some quality time in the beginning of gay dating by getting comfortable with each other and slowly open up as the friendship bond grows stronger. That way neither one of you should become overwhelmed too early in the friendship.

best gay dating couple 7 300x200 Best Gay DatingFrequently, playing the dating game is like gambling. It’s attractive with its potental big payoff, but it’s always uncertain. Of course, there’s always the potential of hitting the big jackpot, but unless you’re extremely lucky, you have to play your cards right to hit it big. If approaching a hot guy doesn’t work successfully the first time, then try, try again. Eventually it will pay off by finding the man of your dreams for the best gay dating possible!